Men Beard Care-how to Decide on the Right Beard Styling for You

Beards are becoming a popular grooming trend lately. From round, square to rectangular shaped beards and among other styling techniques, everyone has a taste or preference.  However, not everyone ends up picking the right beard style. For example, if a goatee doesn’t fit your looks, then you don’t have to force it.  Thus, it won’t hurt to consult a grooming expert or a professional barber to advice on the right selection.

This post helps you avoid treading the long road to finding the right beard style. By looking at important factors to consider before settling on the right one, it is our hope that by the time you start using  beard growth products, it won’t be in vain.

The following factors should, therefore, influence your beard styling decision:

Rectangular Face

Men with rectangular face shouldn’t just copy what others with oval face do on their beards. It would be a miscalculation. You don’t want to look weird in the midst of workmates or friends, thus, the best styling for rectangular faces is a short beard. It minimizes face elongation by softening the jawline.

Round-faced Men

A goatee is the best beard styling for men with round faces. Notably, it should be a fully grown goatee if you want to adorn a striking look. It is helps make your face look narrow, which is the ideal look for such a style.

Narrow and Long Face

Another determinant on the right beard styling is when you have a long narrow face.  In this regard, it is important to avoid long beards as it would make your head look narrow than it is. Settle for a shorter beard style and enjoy a great look that blends well with the shape of your face.

Square Face Styling

Square-faced men too have their own preferred styling. You wouldn’t even need to ask a professional barber or groomer what blends your looks. Full beards clipped near the face are, therefore, the best option here.

What about Men with Stubble Beard?

First off, take note that stubble beard is not definite of having hair around your chin, but rather, facial hair. It can be difficult finding the right styling formula, which is why apart from donning a complete beard shave, maintain long facial hair is another option that would give you a domineering masculine appearance.  Moreover, there is no definite hair styling for stubble beards. Just make sure to trim it at least two to three times a week without forgetting to apply beard conditioners every often.